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For Ekiti State to become a peaceful and inclusive state to all members of community, with increased socio-economic opportunities for all, trust and tolerance among communities.

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Call: 09062547141
SMS: SMS 08169007000 with EK01, sender’s name, location and incident

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About Us

Ekiti State is situated entirely within the tropics.

It is located between longitudes 40°51′ and 50°451′ East of the Greenwich meridian and latitudes 70°151′ and 80°51′ north of the Equator. It lies south of Kwara and Kogi State, East of Osun State and bounded by Ondo State in the East and in the south, with a total land Area of 5887.890sq km. Ekiti State has 16 Local Government Councils. By 1991 Census, the population of Ekiti State was 1,647,822 while the estimated population upon its creation on October 1st 1996 was put at 1,750,000 with the capital located at Ado-Ekiti. The 2006 population census by the National Population Commission put the population of Ekiti State at 2,384,212 people.

Subscription for Incident Alert

Phone: 09062547141
Government of Ekiti State, Nigeria.
Incident Alert

Subscription for Incident Alert


Do You Have Any Questions?

The Ekiti State Early Warning and Early Response System is a government initiative to prevent and minimize violence and unrest in Ekiti State by providing a grassroots-based intelligence gathering system to assist security agencies in preventing and responding effectively to incidents in Ekiti State. Timely reports of unusual gatherings, unrest, conflicts and disturbances will help security agencies respond quickly to prevent violent clashes, the destruction of property and loss of lives.

Residents of Ekiti State can help security agencies save lives, prevent and manage conflicts in Ekiti State by providing timely and accurate intelligence.

To report an incident. Kindly go to our website and click on Report Incident.

You can equally use our app by going to the play store on your Android or Iphone, download,install and click on "REPORT INCIDENT".

You can also call 09062547141 to speak with a call center agent.


  •             Armed Attacks
  •             Banditry
  •             Boundary Dispute
  •             Cattle Rustling
  •             Chieftaincy Tussles
  •             Community Aggression
  •             Criminal Activity
  •             Cross/inter Border Conflict
  •             Destruction of Property
  •             Gender-based Violence (GBV)
  •             Rape
  •             Inter-ethnic Dispute
  •             Land Dispute
  •             Political Conflict
  •             Protest
  •             Resource-based Conflict
  •             Stock Theft
  •             Terrorism

Report to us via SMS 
Send your SMS to 08169007000

The accurate way of reporting incidents via SMS shortcode.
SMS 08169007000
 with EK01, sender’s name, location and incident
For Example; EK01 Michael, Emure, There is an ongoing protest here.

The probable time of response is between 5 - 30 minutes . When we recieve an incident alert at the control room, instant alerts are sent to the responders who move to solve the issue that arises. The security agencies are always at alert to respond to any crime happening anywhere promptly